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Neo4j is a native graph database, built from the ground up to leverage not only data but also data relationships. Neo4j connects data as it's stored, enabling queries never before imagined, at speeds never thought possible Neo4j les définit comme étant constituées d'un nœud de départ, d'arrivée (donc une relation avec un sens) et d'un type. De plus, tout comme les nœuds, elles sont également un enregistrement, et donc peuvent avoir des propriétés de type clef/valeur. Si l'on reprend notre précédent exemple, voici ce qu'on peut réaliser : I-C-3-b. Les propriétés Dans les sections précédentes.

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Neo4j Enterprise Edition provides a larger set of procedures than Neo4j Community Edition. Cluster members have procedures that are not available in standalone mode. To check which procedures are available in your Neo4j instance, use dbms.procedures (). Example 1 À partir de Neo4j 2.0, il y a un dump command dans neo4j-shell qui fait cela. Vous pouvez vider les résultats d'une requête spécifique ou de la base de données entière. En passant la commande dump comme argument au démarrage de neo4j-shell, vous pouvez rediriger la sortie vers un fichier pour créer un script de création de chiffrement ou vers une autre session neo4j-shell recréant. The Neo4j Python driver is officially supported by Neo4j and connects to the database using the binary protocol. It aims to be minimal, while being idiomatic to Python. Support for Python 2 was removed in the 2.0 release of the driver. Shell Neo4j; DB-Engines blog posts: Applying Graph Analytics to Game of Thrones 12 June 2019, Amy Hodler & Mark Needham, Neo4j (guest author) MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis are the winners of the March ranking 2 March 2016, Paul Andlinger. The openCypher Project: Help Shape the SQL for Graphs 22 December 2015, Emil Eifrem (guest author) show all; Conferences and events. more DBMS events. From Strings. Initially Neo4j did not support indexes however schema indexes were added in Neo4j 2.0, and automatically index labelled nodes by one or more of their properties. Those indexes are then implicitly used by Cypher as secondary indexes and to infer the starting point(s) of a query. As of Neo4j 3.5, indexes can also be used to skip sorting for ORDER BY clauses

Neo4j est une base de données orientée graphes. Une base de données orientée graphes est une base de données orientée objet. Je vous renvoie vers ce lien pour « qu'est-ce qu'une base de données orientée graphes ? » Je l'apprécie beaucoup pour son API java très simple d'utilisation et dont la documentation est très complète For example, a product catalog application might use a document database (such as MongoDB) to power browsing / searching for products along with a graph database (such as Neo4j) to provide real time personalized product recommendations. To enable polyglot persistence the application needs to store data in multiple databases, each with its own data model (graph vs. document). Being able to connect MongoDB to Neo4j and synchronize data automatically makes this process much simpler Neo4j is an open-source, NoSQL, native graph database that provides an ACID-compliant transactional backend for your applications. Initial development began in 2003, but it has been publicly available since 2007. The source code, written in Java and Scala, is available for free on GitHub or as a user-friendly desktop application download. Neo4j has both a Community Edition and Enterprise Edition of the database. The Enterprise Edition includes all that Community Edition has to offer, plus.

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Neo4j (Network Exploration and Optimization 4 Java) is a graph database management system developed by Neo4j, Inc. Described by its developers as an ACID-compliant transactional database with native graph storage and processing, Neo4j is available in a GPL3-licensed open-source community edition, with online backup and high availability extensions licensed under a closed-source commercial. Neo4j est une base de donnée orientée graphe avec labels et propriétés (Labeled Property Graph), cela signifie que des données sous forme de propriétés peuvent être associées aux différents objets du graphe. Neo4j définit 2 types d'objets dans le graphe: les nœuds et les relations Last year, someone had m entioned Neo4j DB for Recommendation System but I didn't pay much heed to it. I heard about Neo4j for the first time in 2016 when I downloaded it along with the Panama Papers data to expose the shameless tax avoiders and owners of the overseas shelf companies from my country. I ran a query here and there for an hour and a half while sitting at Cafe Jax on 84th St. but eventually, it met the fate of most hobby projects — swept under the carpet in an oblivious. Neo4j is the world's leading open source Graph Database which is developed using Java technology. It is highly scalable and schema free (NoSQL). What is a Graph Database? A graph is a pictorial representation of a set of objects where some pairs of objects are connected by links

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  1. The neo4j desktop app helps you to analyze a Neo4j database quickly. In version 1.0.1 and higher it is possible to analyze Neo4j version 4 servers. In that case there will be a tab per database with the database analyzer in it. The application has three main tools
  2. Chapter 23. High Availability. Other Neo4j. NoSQL. label . Neo4J - Graph DB > Mikeaddison93 > Data Tools Spreadsheets & Methods. Setting Up Neo4j 2.0 on an Ubuntu Server — delimited. Authored by Steven Hall Neo4j 2.0 is an awesome release of Neo Technology's great graph database. There are some significant new features and some changes to the data model that, I think, make it more accessible.
  3. Neo4j uses Native GPE (Graph Processing Engine) to work with its Native graph storage format. The main building blocks of Graph DB Data Model are − Nodes; Relationships; Properties; Following is a simple example of a Property Graph. Here, we have represented Nodes using Circles. Relationships are represented using Arrows. Relationships are directional. We can represent Node's data in terms.
  4. How to restore Neo4j Database to a specific backup. NOTE:-These steps are applicable to Windows Operating System only. We should use similar kind of commands to do the same steps in other Operating Systems. Neo4j Database Backup. Step 1 - Click on Neo4j Community as shown below. Windows Start button >> All Programs >> Neo4j Community >> Neo4j Community By default, it selects c:\Users.
  5. Getting Started with Neo4J in C# ASP.NET Core. In this article, we will see how to get started using the Neo4J graph database in ASP.NET Core applications with simple and easy to understand steps.. We shall keep this article very simple and will try to consume Database Context within the Controller directly however you can address the separation of concern and fit in this model using a.

IoT Data Modeling in Neo4j Graph DB. Muntasir Mamun . May 7, 2019 · 7 min read. Graph data modeling is the process of defining data as a connected graph where data is represented as nodes and. Neo4j and ONgDB on AWS Powering over 10.000 graph databases worldwide since 2013 Try out now for free. Register now and try out 2 weeks for free Operating servers can be costly and time-consuming. Free up the time you spend operating servers by leaving production operations to us. Why is GrapheneDB. Neo4j: PostgreSQL; DB-Engines blog posts: Applying Graph Analytics to Game of Thrones 12 June 2019, Amy Hodler & Mark Needham, Neo4j (guest author) MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis are the winners of the March ranking 2 March 2016, Paul Andlinger. The openCypher Project: Help Shape the SQL for Graphs 22 December 2015, Emil Eifrem (guest author) show all: PostgreSQL is the DBMS of the Year 2020 4. I've logged into the terminal and I can see that neo4j-service is running on the correct port, I can connect with the neo4j-shell and run the Cypher I am trying to execute. I can also cURL via terminal to a number of endpoints and get a valid response. It seems Cypher is the only problem Has this sort of thing been benchmarked anywhere with Neo4j, Dgraph, or any other graph db? neo4j amazon-neptune graphdb dgraph. share | improve this question | follow | asked 16 mins ago. corysimmons corysimmons. 5,304 2 2 gold badges 39 39 silver badges 46 46 bronze badges. Labels in a graph database are meant to group vertices and edges of similar types together (e.g. Person, Company, Movie.

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  1. Feed Neo4j DB; then CALL org.rdkit.search.createIndex(['Structure', 'Chemical']) Automated computation of additional properties (fp, etc.) and triggered index Fp index automatically updated when new :Structure:Chemical records arrive. way C (the most suitable) Plugin present; CALL org.rdkit.search.createIndex(['Structure', 'Chemical']) Then feed Knime; Automated computation of additional.
  2. La démarche utilisée par Neo4J en graphe NoSQL va permettre de traiter : Des données massivement interconnectées. Des données très hétérogène
  3. This example demonstrates how Neo4j DB server assigns an Id Property to a Node and how to view this property value. Step 1 - Open Neo4j Data Browser. Step 2 - Type the below command on Data Browser. CREATE (tweet:Tweet{message:Hello}) Step 3 - Click on Execute button and observe the results. It creates one Node with one Property and one Label
  4. e the structure of the data model and how to define entities for queries. Developing a Neo4j data model is done feature by feature, user story by user story to match the iterative and incremental delivery of applications. Some people might start with a piece of paper or a.
  5. Neo4j facilitates personal data storage and management: it allows you to track where private information is stored and which systems, applications, and users access it. The graph data model helps visualize personal data and allows for data analysis and pattern detection. Neo4j also comes in handy for financial risk reporting and compliance
  6. Clear DB Help Share Toggle Viz Options. Close Detailed Query Results. Close Welcome to the Neo4j Console. This is an interactive console for graphs with integrated visualization. Feel free experimenting updating and querying the graph. Changing the Graph . To interactively build the Graph you can use Cypher to create nodes.
  7. Un seul fichier de conf conf/neo4j.conf, avec les propriétés namespacés Cypher version: CYPHER 3.0, planner: RULE. 3060001 total db hits in 7197 ms. Cypher version: CYPHER 3.0, planner: COST. 50003 total db hits in 3280 ms. Cypher : shortestpath. Les.

Neo4j is a graph database management system developed by Neo4j, Inc. Described by its developers as an ACID-compliant transactional database with native graph storage and processing, Neo4j is the most popular graph database according to DB-Engines ranking, and the 21st most popular database overall.. Neo4j is available in a GPL3-licensed open-source community edition, with online backup and. Using Neo4J allows for efficient modeling of data while providing rich querying capabilities using Cypher. Its also a great fit for any programming language because of its support for REST API.It's less appropriate for any other data structure other than Graph data. So as with any DB, evaluate the data structure and query and if the querying revolves around relationships, then Neo4J is a fit. Multi-Model: Neo4j is a single-model graph database. It does not support any other data models. If your application requires a document or key/value store, you would have to use a second database technology to support it. Being multi-model, ArangoDB allows you to not only use one database for everything,but run ad hoc queries on data stored in different models

one of neo4j-gson, neo4j-bolt or neo4j-db: neo4j-gson: neo4j.nodeCategories: categories of nodes in name/title pair format: person:人物,event:事件,location:地点: visNodeProperty.label: an expression to be evaluated as caption of a visualized nod This example demonstrates how to develop a Java application in Eclipse IDE to develop and test Neo4j Native Java API Example. Please follow all steps mentioned inNeo4j Java Environment Setup chapter. Step 1 - Create a Java Program in the same Java Project. Now start writing Neo4j Java API coding to perform Neo4j DB operation The neo4j-db has version 4.2.1 and is running on a windows server with 12 GB memory. Thank you. neo4j. share | follow | asked 3 mins ago. Balael Balael. 359 2 2 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. add a comment | Active Oldest Votes. Know someone who can answer? Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Your Answer Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please. Contribute to neo4j/neo4j-documentation development by creating an account on GitHub. Skip to content. Sign up Why GitHub? Features → Code review; Project management; Integrations; Actions; Packages; Security; Team management; Hosting; Mobile; Customer stories → Security → Team; Enterprise; Explore Explore GitHub → Learn & contribute. Topics; Collections; Trending; Learning Lab; Open Neo4j. The advantage that Neo4j has over these is the ease of modelling of relationships between entities, like competitors and the competitions they've been to, and how they might be related to other speedcubers. The language used (Cypher) is nice to work with - it is an expressive language and has a number of similarities with SQL in.

Neo4j - An Object DB ? Neo4j has very fast traversals - Avoids loading properties No need to declare two way relationships - A relationship has a start and end node Does have two ways of finding objects - Traversals - Lucene Optimized for Graph Algorithms. Conclusions: Benefits Express your domain as a Graph - Domain Modeling - No O/R mismatch - Efficient storage of Semi. Neo4j is a graph database management system described as an ACID-compliant transactional database with native graph storage and processing. Neo4j is by far the most popular graph database according to DB-Engines ranking. Cypher is a declarative graph query language that allows for expressive and efficient querying and updating of a property graph

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קוד של מספר שורות מול שאילתות סופר מורכבות ב DB מסורתי - Scalability וגמישות מירבית - מאפשר לבצע שינויים On the Fly בתוך ה DB. לייעוץ ללא עלות עם מומחה Neo4J התקשרו עכשיו 077-9977697. למה לבחור ב- Neo4j DB. היישומים החדשניים של אתמול היו מונעים. Neo4j Developer Blog Developer Content around Graph Databases, Neo4j, Cypher, Data Science, Graph Analytics, GraphQL and more Neo4j Spatial is a library of utilities for Neo4j that facilitate the enabling of spatial operations on data. In particular you can add spatial indexes to already located data, and perform spatial operations on the data like searching for data within specified regions or within a specified distance of a point of interest

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Create a Neo4j® database connection using the Database Toolbox™ Interface for Neo4j Bolt Protocol. Use a Bolt protocol URL to connect to the Neo4j database. Create a Neo4j database connection using the Bolt protocol URL bolt://localhost:7687/db/data, user name neo4j, and password matlab Cómo instalar Neo4j. Construir modelos de datos logicos. Queries para nodos y relaciones. CRUDs sobre los grafos. Así que si estás buscando adentrarte en las bases de datos de grafos esta es una muy buena forma de hacerlo ya que Neo4j es el motor de grafos más reconocido y mejor rankeado en el mercado. Aprender esto te permitirá progresar en tu carrera estando a la vanguardia de las bases.

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  1. This MATLAB function returns all property keys in the Neo4j database using the Neo4j database connection neo4jconn
  2. Since Neo4j is a schema-optional database, we need to inspect the data stored in the database to derive our GraphQL type definitions. Neo4j includes built-in procedures for inspecting the data stored in the database, db.schema.nodeTypeProperties() and db.schema.relTypeProperties(). These procedures can tell us what node labels, relationship.
  3. Étapes préalables: Installer Java sur votre machine Visitez le site Web neo4j et cliquez sur le lien Télécharger l'édition communautaire ou visitez directement le lien de téléchargement . Décompressez le fichier téléchargé .tar dans votre répertoire personnel Démarrer Neo4j à pa..
  4. 批量导入. 当需要导入大量的数据时,可以使用neo4j自带的neo4j-ad
  5. Neo4j Présentation générale Le graphe CYPHER Se connecter à Neo4j (Java & REST) Extensions Ecosystèm
  6. For Neo4j v4 and later, LKE provides full support for Neo4j connections over Bolt. LKE will use Full Bolt connector when it is provided with any of following url prefixes: bolt, neo4j, neo4j+s. It is recommended to use Full Bolt connector for Neo4j v4 and later. Neo4j Aura. LKE allows using Neo4j instances running on Neo4j Aura as data-sources
  7. Neo4j Aura is an always-on solution. The database is always running, and charges are always accruing, while the database exists. Some users have periodic workloads, for which the DB is only required for short periods of time (ie, only on Mondays, or only on the first day of the month). Neo4j Aura does not currently support pausing a database.

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Neo4j also provides a basic way to interact with the graph database without any downloads via the Neo4j sandboxes. Several use cases and tutorials have been created in a web-based interface for. IoT Data Modeling in Neo4j Graph DB. Neo4J. Model Graph database in Neo4j to implement IoT device metadata. Date: 19 May 2018 Time to read: 6 m Author: Muntasir Joarder. Graph data modeling is the process of defining data as a connected graph where data is represented as nodes and edges. In the case of a graph database, the data gets stored as a graph (ie as nodes and edges) and then queried. Neo4j is the leader in graph database technology. As the world's most widely deployed graph database, we help global brands - including Comcast, NASA, UBS and Volvo - to reveal and predict how people, processes and systems are interrelated. Using this relationships-first approach, applications built using Neo4j tackle connected data challenges such as analytics and artificial. CertPool // Logging target the driver will send its log outputs // // Possible to use custom logger (implement neo4j.log.Logger interface) or // use neo4j.ConsoleLog. // // default: No Op Logger (neo4j.VoidLog) Log log.Logger // Resolver that would be used to resolve initial router address. This may // be useful if you want to provide more than. Neo4j. Native GraphQL Support. Yes. Only DB to natively support GraphQL resulting in capacity to process GraphQL queries in parallel with high performance. No. Neo4j uses an annotated GraphQL Schema to translate any GraphQL query to a single Cypher query that is executed against Neo4j. Reference. Distributed Graph Database. Distributed with the ability to use the same query everywhere as if.

Arangodb est écrit en C++, ce qui lui donne une performance bien supérieure à des alternatives telles que Neo4j ou MongoDB. L'installation de ArangoDB intègre : - le moteur de base de données, - une interface d'administration conviviale via un navigateur Internet, - l'interpréteur javascript V8 de Google - un serveur web permettant de créer des webservices en javascript . ArangoDB. Neo4j est une base de données orientée graphes et développée en Java. Crée en 2000 par Neo Technology, elle permet de représenter les données sous forme de nœuds reliés ensemble par un ensemble d'arcs. Neo4j affiche ainsi de grandes performances pour les recherches sur de multiples relations entre objets. Cette formation permettra de comprendre le fonctionnement de Neo4J, et de mettre. This template allows you to deploy an Ubuntu VM with Neo4J binaries and runs Neo4J on its designated ports

Find the Relationships Within Your Connected Data with a Free Download of Neo4j. Get Real-Time Insights Into Your Connected Data with Neo4j. Free Download Neo4j is a highly scalable, native graph database purpose-built to leverage not only data but also its relationships. Neo4js native graph storage and processing engine deliver constant, real-time performance, helping enterprises build intelligent applications to meet todays evolving data challenges. This is the free community edition, which is limited to one machine. For highly-available and. Neo4j is a schemaless database, each node can have arbitrary information added to it without requiring that information on any other node. However, enforcing a bit of a schema on the Neo4j is helpful for dealing with corpora which are more structured than an arbitrary graph. For a user, knowing that a typo leads to a property name that doesn't exist on any annotations that they're querying.

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neo4j-db Wrapper for official Neo4j driver Last updated 4 months ago by kamali. GPL · Repository · Bugs · Original npm · Tarball · package.json $ cnpm install neo4j-db . SYNC missed versions from official npm registry. neo4j-db Current Tags. 4.0.3. Navigate neo4j graphs, view & edit labels & properties of nodes & relationships, supports all datatypes & arrays, Undo-History, Cypher-Export and much more +41 31 50 80 20 4 office@netbizltd.com. Facebook; Twitter; Facebook; Twitter; 0 Items. Home; Neo4j Commander; Kontakt; Select Page. PRESS PLAY and see what neo4j Commander can do for you! ⤵ neo4j Commander for Neo4j Desktop, Community. When it comes to current graph database technologies, Neo4j leads the industry as the most native when it comes to both graph storage and processing. For more information on native versus non-native graph technology, see Chapter 13. Conclusion: Graph Databases Are in More Places Than you Think The real world is richly interconnected, and graph databases aim to mimic those sometimes- consistent.

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Pour changer le port, ouvrez conf/neo4j-server.properties et réglez org.neo4j.server.webserver.port sur un port non utilisé. démarrer le serveur de test sur setup. Faire ./neo4j stop et rm -rf data/graph.db sur le démontage. pour plus de détails, voir neo4j: Comment changer de base de données? et le docs Neo4j OGM runtime transparently converted objects to a set of Cypher queries which created appropriate nodes and edges in the database. If this process seems familiar, that is because it is! That is precisely how JPA works, the only difference being whether object gets translated into rows that are persisted to an RDBMS, or a series of nodes and edges persisted to a graph database. 7. Je souhaite exporter la base de données graphique Neo4j dans un fichier JSON. Il s'agit d'un bouton Exporter JSON dans la version d'interface Web Neo4j, comme illustré ci-dessous. Mais quelle est la commande équivalente pour la même tâche dans le shell Neo4j. Merc FREE title page. FREE bibliography page. 24/7 support. PowerPoint slides. FREE formatting (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian). Review your writer's sample Paper In this video we will look at the Neo4j graph database and the Cypher query language. Ill show you how to install Neo4j in Windows and create a database with..

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You can try out some examples from our sample queries page by copying and pasting into the entry box in the Neo4J console. The entry box on top accepts queries in the Cypher graph query language. Please refer to the Neo4J documentation at the Neo4J webpage for a full reference The arrows tool is a quick, interactive javascript graph editor, that allows you to create a graph by click and drag. You then can export that graph to SVG,. Neo4j affiche ainsi de grandes performances pour les recherches sur de multiples relations entre objets. Cette formation permettra de comprendre le fonctionnement de Neo4J, et de mettre en œuvre le stockage de données de type graphe. Détails Code : DB-NEO Durée : 1 jour ( 7 heures ) Public Chefs de projets Administrateurs Pré-requi

ONgDB (Open Native Graph DB) Downloads. 14K+ Star. Pull. ONgDB is a fork of the neo4j enterprise project that continues development of neo4j enterprise as a fully open source project after Neo4j Inc's Open Core Shift that suspended development of enterprise as an open source project and removed the open source code. ONgDB is a high performance, native graph store with everything you would. Import from Neo4j using GraphML. This section describes the process of importing data from Neo4j to OrientDB using GraphML. For general information on the possible Neo4j to OrientDB migration strategies, please refer to the Import from Neo4j section.. Neo4j can export in GraphML, an XML-based file format for graphs Neo4j is the World's Leading Graph Database. This channel features videos by our Developer Relations, Engineering and Product teams about best practices using Neo4j. Learn more at https://neo4j. Neo4j give you no warning if anything is spelled wrong. So pay attention when creating, for example, relationships as they will be empty with no warning given. So look for created x relationships and x rows available after each statement to make sure it worked. We then create a relationship (called an edge) from Stephen to Walker. We give this relation the arbitrary name Friend. We put letters. The official .NET driver for the Neo4j Graph Database over the Bolt protocol. There is a newer version of this package available. See the version list below for details. Package Manager .NET CLI PackageReference Paket CLI Install-Package Neo4j.Driver -Version 4.0.0. dotnet add package Neo4j.Driver --version 4.0.0.

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When Neo4j creates an index, it creates a redundant copy of the data in the database. Therefore using an index will result in more disk space being utilized, plus slower writes to the disk. Therefore, you need to weigh up these factors when deciding which data/properties to index. Generally, it's a good idea to create an index when you know there's going to be a lot of data on certain nodes. À l'exception de MySQL/MariaDB, tous les SGBD relationnels, PostGreSQL compris, disposent d'un catalogue tel que le prévoit la règle n°4 de Codd, c'est-à-dire des tables système contenant les métadonnées de la base, et transactionnées de la même manière que les tables « utilisateur ». La nécessité d'une telle organisation tient au respect de l'intégrité d'une base Don't try to open it on 7474 unless you use any other neo4j graph db. So 1. Once you update the path with kuwaiba db in conf file, open KuwaibaServer war file (by winzip or 7zip) from Kuwaiba Package-> Servee. 2. Inside war file, edit the ejb-jar.xml under WEB INF 3. Update db host with your IP, dbport with 7070. (Bolt) 4. Update your processEnginePath, ProcessesPath as well. And deploy the.

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Neo4j only uses query plan cache, not result cache: That's not what we observed. In fact, for the same read-write query, Neo4j latency increased when caching was turned on, compared to when off (as you can see in the read-write benchmarks above). A pure query plan cache shouldn't be affected by data changes Chris Skardon, Neo4j .Net expert and Michael Hunger, developer advocate for Neo4j, detail some interesting development attributes of the graph database approach. We've all experienced the challenges of trying to map complex domain object networks into a relational database. For all the help you might get from an Entity Framework or APIs like LINQ, it's [ Single dedicated server, running Neo4j Community or ONgDB. 2GB RAM 1 vCPU | 1GB storage (GP2) $50: 4GB RAM 1.2 vCPU | 4GB storage (GP2) $100: 8GB RAM 1.5 vCPU | 10GB storage (GP2) $200: 16GB RAM 2 vCPU | 20GB storage (GP2) $400: 32GB RAM 4 vCPU | 40GB storage (GP2) $800: 64GB RAM 8 vCPU | 80GB storage (GP2) $1200 : 128GB RAM 16 vCPU | 160GB storage (GP2) $2400: 256GB RAM 32 vCPU | 300GB. MongoDB (de l'anglais humongous qui peut être traduit par « énorme ») est un système de gestion de base de données orienté documents, répartissable sur un nombre quelconque d'ordinateurs et ne nécessitant pas de schéma prédéfini des données. Il est écrit en C++.Le serveur et les outils sont distribués sous licence SSPL, les pilotes sous licence Apache et la documentation sous.

peterneubauerNicole WhiteWith $20M, Neo Technology makes a case for the graphMongodb - NoSql DatabaseRelational databases vs Non-relational databases | JamesAn Intro to NoSQL DatabasesAbstract Relational databases are perhapsHackolade: Data modeling tool for NoSQL databases
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